On April 10th., 2004, the collection of East Broad Top RR items owned by W. M. Clelland was auctioned off at Phoenixville, PA. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view this collection before the items were dispersed to new owners.

Mr. Clelland was a friend of Roy Wilburn's and purchased these items from the EBT RR in the 1960-70's timeframe, when Mr. Wilburn was selling off EBT artifacts.
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Item #1, the cast iron Rockhill Iron and Coal Company sign that came from the RI&CC building in Robertsdale. This building is now owned by the Friends of the East Broad Top. Above the RI&CC sign is item #13, track elevation board, and to the left of the sign can be seen item #128, track gauge, and a portion of item #2, The Pioneer Trail sign.

Item #3, the Rocky Ridge station sign. All the paint is weathered away and the letter outlines can be faintly seen.

Item #30 is the original signal lamp and semaphore from the roof of Saltillo Station.

Item #100, desk and chair from EBT Rockhill yard office, item #101 EBT Freight House Scale, item #103 half-scale EBT coupler knuckle, and item #104 EBT cast-iron Crossing Sign.

Item #48, unissued Shade Gap RR stock certificate.

Item #49, 1908 Shade Gap RR stock certificate.

Item #51 is an EBT telegraph key and sounder.

At the left is item #99, EBT rail bookends, and item #98, EBT Ticket Validator from Three Springs Station.

Item #97 EBT wall crank phone and item #96 EBT Waterburg Wall clock from Rockhill yard office.

Item #160 was the original Nathan 6-chime whistle equipped on EBT locomotive #12 when delivered by Baldwin in 1911. This item sold for $3500.

Item #31 is this steam whistle from the Woodvale shaft #6 stationary steam engine, and was reported to have come from an early EBT locomotive.

A list of all EBT items sold at this auction, with winning prices.

All photos taken Saturday, April 10th., 2004 by James A. Vliet.

All photographs are copyright 2004 by James A. Vliet. All Rights Reserved.