My photos of Community Appreciation Day 2004, the 44th. anniversary of the start of EBT tourist operations, including the return to service of caboose #28, and work by the FEBT restoration crew that weekend.
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A lineup of several restored EBT freight cars.

Another view of these restored freight cars.

Caboose #27 retains its original freight red color scheme.

EBT tank car #116 is actually an EBT flat car with a 6,000 gallon tank mounted on it.

Another overall view of tank car #116. The tank was once mounted on a different flat car.

Closeup of the tank car dome, note hand rail details.

Details of the tank end mount on EBT tankcar #116.

EBT steam locomotive #14 passes the car shop towards the station.

The engine crew awaits the go-ahead signal to couple up to the passenger train.

Prior to the official roll-out, the newly-restored caboose #28 is visible through the open shop doors.

The passenger train is backed up slowly and carefully to couple up to caboose #28.

The caboose is rolled slowly out of the car shop.

Some members of the caboose restoration crew of the Friends of the East Broad Top pose for a photo with the completed caboose.

The passenger train moves slowly towards the station.

We get a good look at the completed caboose.

Another view of the restored caboose #28.

Saturday's first passenger train enters the station.

The train stops at Orbisonia Station to take on passengers.

Photo Op! Stanley Hall, Joe Kovalcheck, Hank Inman and Lee Rainey pose for the media.

#14 heads up Saturday's first passenger train as passengers board.

Saturday's first passenger train departs Orbisonia Station.

EBT's M-7 diesel is brought out for display.

Phil Glass carefully backs up EBT's M-1 from the trolley shop.

The M-1 was parked for static display on the turntable lead track.

EBT's silver speeder was also brought out for display. Note right side door is towards the front.

Front view of the speeder.

Left side view - note side door is towards the back.

Rear view showing details of gas tank and gas filler access.

Another view of the rear of the Silver Speeder.

Closeup view of the Silver Speeder operator controls.

This M.O.W. tool car was displayed in the trolley barn.

QuickTime Movie [6.83 Mbytes] - Speeder ride in Rockhill Furnace yard.

The FEBT Restoration Crew was very busy this weekend...

Here is ongoing wall repair work in the vicinity of the boiler.

Additional ties were replaced along the Rockhill yard passing siding. Here we see several replacement ties ready to be spiked.

Glass replacement and siding repair to the machine shop building.

Small trees and brush were cleared along the Rockhill yard wye track.

A passenger train backs around the Rockhill yard wye. The brush clearing provided better visibility for the train crew as they backed through this area of the yard.

Seen from the train, a line of hoppers once hidden by trees are now visible.

We peek inside the roundhouse to view the continuing restoration work on EBT locomotive #15.

On Sunday, Wade Woodcock and Jim Vliet replaced an old EBT RR highway sign with a new one.

This new sign is located along Rt. 522 in Allenport, just south of Mt. Union. Note standard and narrow- gauge rails at this point.

Just in front of Orbisonia Station is a stub switch with a laydown throw.

Another view of the laydown throw mechanism.

Note that there is no means to adjust the throw position and distance - adjust the switch rails!

Pogue Station - At the EBT that weekend I met Brian Hoffman, the owner of this house along the EBT RR main about 1/4th. mile south of Pogue Bridge. His deed describes the house as "Pogue Station". Mr. Hoffman told me that the building dates from about 1900. It was originally just the two-story portion nearest the camera in the left photo. The building originally had a pot belly stove for heat; the roof patch where the chimney came through is still visible. It was originally owned by David Irvin. From 1906 through 1938 it was owned by Judson Rudder, who operated it as a general store and sold train tickets. Rudder added the sloping roof storeroom seen in the right photo. It 1938 it was sold and became a private residence; the rear two-story section was added afterwards. At some point a new foundation and basement were put in, lifting the building about 12 to 18 inches.

Mr. Hoffman is looking for more information about this building. He can be contacted at

A view of the house with the north end of the Pogue passing siding and Spring Creek Road in the foreground.

A view of the house with the main track just behind it.

A pose similar to the FEBT's art print "October Morning, Orbisonia".

The M-1 back in the trolley barn on Sunday.

All photos taken Saturday and Sunday, August 14 and 15, 2004 by James A. Vliet.

All photographs are copyright 2004 by James A. Vliet. All Rights Reserved.