Over the winter of 2002-2003, I designed and constructed a set of six new road signs for the EBT RR. I took on this project because I live too far away from the EBT RR to be able to attend the FEBT restoration work sessions on a regular basis, but despite the distance I still wanted to do something to help the EBT RR.

During a conversation with Stanley Hall (General Manager of the EBT RR) while visiting in the summer of 2002, Stanley asked me if I could help make some new road signs for the EBT RR. I agreed to help, and he then told me what he needed - a set of 4 ft. by 8 ft. painted plywood signs, to set up on the approach roads to attract visitors to the EBT RR. I created a design in the Fall of 2002 and Stanley approved it. I then set to work to build and paint the signs.

Professional materials were used throughout - the plywood used was Simpson MDO, a smooth-surface plywood manufactured specifically for the sign industry. The signs were edged with 1.5" by 1.5" pressure-treated lumber. The signs were then hand-painted using 1-Shot and Ronan lettering enamel, and the finished signs were then coated with an clear acrylic UV protective coating.

For a professional appearance, the lettering was painted using vinyl paint mask stencils, which I cut on my vinyl cutter (an Ioline LP3700 pen plotter with a vinyl cutter attachment). I used Macromedia FreeHand to design the signs and cut the stencils.

[click on any photo to see a larger view]

The first step was to cut and slot the edging and assemble it onto the plywood panels.

The first step in painting was to apply the base colors (white, orange and yellow) and allow several days to dry completely. (Note that this sign happens to be upside down).

The vinyl lettering mask is then applied.

Then the black paint is applied. After it drys, the vinyl stencil is removed. The last step is to hand-paint the red fill of the 'See it! Ride it!' letters.

The completed sign.

I made a roof rack for my minivan to transport the signs, three at a time, from my home in Long Island NY to Rockhill. Since I didn't have anyone to help me load the signs, I made this loading rack so that I could lift each sign by myself.

This sign is installed on the side of a barn at the intersection of Rt. 75 and Rt. 641 in Spring Run.

After driving over the mountain on Rt. 641, we come across another sign near the intersection of Rt. 35 and Rt. 641 in Shade Gap.

This sign is located at Pennsylvania Turnpike exit 180 at Ft. Littleton. After you come through the toll booth, look up the hill and you'll see it. Unfortunately three trees planted by the PA Tnpk. at the exit will grow to block this sign in a few years...

The remaining three signs have not yet been installed, and are being stored in the paint shop building at Rockhill.

For Modelers of the EBT RR -
make your own new roadsigns for your EBT RR layout!

I have provided artwork files so that you can print out your own EBT RR roadsigns. The three files provided are the new roadsign artwork, front and back, in HO, S and O scale. The files are in tiff format and are 360 dpi. Right-click on the link below (not the image above) to save the file to your PC, then open the .tif file in your photo editor software, and then print on your inkjet printer using glossy paper. Carefully cut out the sign, then fold across the center and place on your layout!

Sign file in HO scale, 1.121 in. wide (494Kb)

Sign file in S scale, 1.523 in. wide (903Kb)

Sign file in O scale, 2.031 in. wide (1.6Mb)

Sign file in 1/24th. scale, 4.062 in. wide (1.6Mb)

Please contact me for other scales.

Note: For prototype accuracy, these signs are appropriate only if you model
the EBT RR in the present 2003 tourist era.

All photos taken by James A. Vliet.

All photographs are copyright 2003 by James A. Vliet. All Rights Reserved.