One of the few remaining structures in the East Broad Top RR's Mt. Union yard is the Engine House.

The Engine House has two stalls; the left stall can accomodate either a standard-gauge or a narrow-gauge engine. The left stall has four rails - standard-gauge and narrow gauge centered on the standard-gauge rails. A single-point switch just outside the Engine House is used to traverse the narrow-gauge engine from the common SG-NG rail to the separate NG rail.

Although three rails lead up to the right stall, it can only accomodate a standard-gauge engine, as the narrow-gauge rail stops just inside the door at the edge of the inspection pit. I presume the inspection pit was added after the Engine House and associated trackage were originally constructed.

The right-side stall contains the EBT's standard-gauge 0-6-0 switch engine #3, stored in inoperative condition. The left-side stall contains the Mt. Union Connecting Railroad's standard-gauge #1 Plymouth CR-4 diesel-hydraulic switch engine.

In recent years the engine house was in deterioriating condition, but after recent roof repairs and repainting, it looks good for a number of years to come.

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Mt. Union Engine House

Concrete Block - Mt. Union Engine House

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