My photos and movies of the E.B.T. 2002 Fall Event, held on Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 12th. & 13th., 2002 at Rockhill, PA.
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...Despite rain on both Saturday and Sunday, over 1,000 die-hard E.B.T. fans showed up to enjoy this year's "Event". Since only one steam locomotive (#14) was operable, operations were a bit different this year...what was novel was seeing #14 in freight (common-carrier) color scheme without white wheels and with the boiler brass bands taped over...on Saturday, history was made at the EBT as the first-ever "scheduled" diesel-powered revenue train was operated...the unique M-1 gas-electric motorcar made two runs on Saturday to celebrate it's 75th. of the roundhouse, machine shops and carbarn were available.

On a rainy, foggy Saturday morning, we find #16 at the head of a coal train in the Rockhill yard.

The M-1 motorcar is parked next to #16.

The EBT staff was careful not to allow #16 to roll away...

Diesel M-7 headed up the 'picnic train' consisting of four open-air flats and caboose #27.

#14 backs through the yard to couple up to the passenger train.

Saturday's first steam passenger train begins to load at Orbisonia Station.

The first regularly-scheduled revenue-carrying diesel train in EBT's history left Orbisonia Station on Sat. Oct. 12, 2002 at 9:35 AM with four passengers...and I was one! The consist was: diesel M-7, flats #111, #107, #123 and #117, and caboose #27.

Looking back from caboose #27 as the first diesel train leaves Orbisonia Station.

One of the cupola seats of caboose #27.

The coal stove in caboose #27, and behind it, a more modern source of heat. Note the brake air pressure gauge and emergency stop cord.

Northbound in the pouring rain...

Now backing into the wye at Colgate Grove.

...and waiting to enter the main for the southbound run.

We look back as we begin our return trip.

After dimembarking at the Rockhill wye, an outside view of caboose #27.

Conductor David Brightbill at caboose #27.

Passengers for the second picnic train begin loading at Orbisonia Station.

A closeup of M-7 as Saturday's second picnic train returns to Rockhill.

The EBT's one-of-a-kind narrow-gauge Brill gas-electric motorcar M-1 is operated only at the Fall Event (and for occasional special charters). This was the first time I had a ride with her...

The M-1 is the center of attention as it is brought into the station for loading passengers for the first Saturday run.

As we wait at the Colgate Grove wye for the following train to clear the main, Engineer Phil Glass explains the superiority of the M-1 as compared to inefficient steam locomotives.

This sign on the front of M-1's passenger compartment reminds us that "spitting is prohibited by law"..!

M-1's stove and passenger seats.

M-1's baggage compartment after unloading.

Phil confers with the crew...

M-1 backs around the Rockhill wye.

M-1 then moves through the Rockhill yard.

M-1 awaits the second Saturday trip.

A closeup of M-1's grille.

M-1 gets put away on Sunday afternoon.

Lee Rainey provided a rare guided tour of the roundhouse...

Loco #15 in process of being inspected in compliance with the new FRA regulations.

Boiler thickness must be measured at grid intervals all over the boiler...

Loco #12 in an adjacent stall, with her smokebox open...

A ride on the restored MOW speeder added to the fun...

The restored EBT MOW speeder.

Some fans take a short ride on the speeder through the yard.

The one-cylinder gasoline motor of the speeder.

More misc. photos from Saturday and Sunday...

Wicker seats of Combine #15.

These two boxcars have just been repainted.

A peek inside the carbarn at baggage car #29, purchased this summer by the Friends of the East Broad Top and recently returned to the EBT from Colorado.

The consist for the steam passenger train for the weekend was: locomotive #14 & tender, converted boxcar #175, flat #119, combine #14, combine #15, coach #8, caboose #28, and President's car #20.

Here comes the passenger steam train back to Rockhill...

The passenger train about to back up the Rockhill wye.

...and now coming through the wye...

#14 enters the roundhouse late Sunday afternoon to end the 2002 Fall Event.

The one-of-a-kind three-way narrow-gauge stub switch at the south end of the Rockhill yard.

Another view of the three-way stub switch.

The M.O.W. equipment shed at the south end of the Rockhill yard, restored this summer by the Friends of the East Broad Top.

Late Sunday afternoon - the last trolley to Black Log Narrows...
For more information about the Rockhill Trolley Museum, please visit their website at

Open-air trolley #1875.

Interior of the open-air trolley showing beautifully-restored wooden seats.

Bullet Car #205 at Blacklog Narrows.

On Monday, Oct. 14th. there wasn't a cloud in the sky...#16 was still in position in the Rockhill yard.

A view of #16.

#16 with a train of hoppers across from Orbisonia Station.

Closeup of #16.

Several QuickTime movies of the action at the 2002 Fall Event...[please note, I intend to make these movies a bit lighter in the future]

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#14 brings the passenger train through the Rockhill yard. (18.7 Mbytes)

M-7 moves the picnic train across the grade crossing to Orbisonia Station. (14.6 Mbytes)

After unloading, the M-1 moves along the Rockhill wye track. (8.27 Mbytes)

The M-1 is put back into the Roundhouse on Sunday afternoon. (18.7 Mbytes)

All photos and movies taken Saturday, Sunday and Monday, October 12th.-14th., 2002 by James A. Vliet.

All photographs are copyright 2002 by James A. Vliet. All Rights Reserved.

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