My photos and movies of the E.B.T. 2003 Fall Event, held on Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 11th. & 12th., 2003 at Rockhill, PA.
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Everyone enjoyed the beautiful clear weather for the 2003 EBT Fall Event. #14 and the M-7 diesel pulled numerous trains during the weekend. #17 was displayed at the head of a freight train parked in the Rockhill yard. The EBT's M-1 motorcar also operated, but not without some last-minute was found that the motor-generator coupler was very worn, and a new one was machined and installed just prior to the event. It was decided not to reinstall the engine compartment partition, giving riders a noisy but interesting view of the M-1's motor during operation.

The Picnic Train prepares to leave the station.

Phil Glass oils the radiator louvers of the M-1 before its annual run.

The M-1 awaits orders to pull into the station to load passengers.

#17 was on static display in the Rockhill yard.

A closeup view of #17's cab.

Another view of #17 and the freight train.

The first regularly-scheduled revenue-carrying diesel train in EBT's history left Orbisonia Station on Sat. Oct. 12, 2002 at 9:35 AM with four passengers...and I was one! The consist was: diesel M-7, flats #111, #107, #123 and #117, and caboose #27.

This orange speeder was one of several being operated in the yard area.

This nice reproduction of an EBT Pioneer Lines bus was on hand.

A passenger train returns to Orbisonia station. Notice the headlight reflection on the rails.

The M-1 motors northbound behind the Mini-Freeze.

The partition between the passenger and engine compartments had been removed so that the drive coupling could be replaced.

The original drive coupling. Note extreme wear at four holes on outer arms.

M-1 engine compartment left wall details.

M-1 engine compartment right wall details.

M-1 passenger seats and stove.

The hook from the Timber Transfer crane at the Rockhill shops.

Bill Adams built the nice diorama of the unloading of EBT baggage car #29.

The night train returns to Orbisonia station.

Some QuickTime movies of the action at the 2003 Fall Event...[please note, I intend to make these movies a bit lighter in the future]

To view these movies, you will need the free QuickTime Movie Player, which you can download by clicking on this icon:

A passenger train returning to Orbisonia station. (11.9 Mbytes)

Northbound M-1 cruises beneath McMullan Summit bridge. (4.5 Mbytes)

The picnic train crosses Runk Rd. bridge northbound. (11.6 Mbytes)

The M-1 southbound across Runk Road.(11.3 Mbytes)

Now the following passenger train crosses Runk Rd. Love that whistle! (14.1 Mbytes)

The passenger train continues southbound along Rt. 522.(14.7 Mbytes)

EBT owner Joe Kovakchick joins engineer Phil Glass in the cab of the M-1. (11.5 Mbytes)

The M-1 after unloading passengers at the Rockhill yard.(12.5 Mbytes)

All photos and movies taken Saturday and Sunday, October 11th.-12th., 2002 by James A. Vliet.

All photographs are copyright 2003 by James A. Vliet. All Rights Reserved.

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