My photos of the 2006 Fall Spectacular at the East Broad Top Railroad.
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EBT locomotive #17 on display

EBT #17 and some restored hopper cars

Hopper #944 with old-style EBT RR lettering

Hopper #882 has recently been repainted

Boxcar, flatcar and caboose from the photo freight

Flatcar #108 was rescued and restored this summer

Closeup of flatcar #108

Closeup of flatcar #108 brake wheel end

The EBT RR's pickup truck

M-4 moves the #30 scale car through the yard

#30 is parked in front of Orbisonia Station

Scale car #30 on display

Side-dump hopper #802 nearing completion

Hopper #802 with paint and lettering

Arch bar truck for hopper #802. Note attach points for hinged spreaders

The turntable has been rebuilt and repainted

Phil Raynes' speeder joined the other speeders at the EBT for this event

Lineup of speeders at Orbisonia Station.

Speeders about to depart from Orbisonia Station

The Spider

One-cylinder motor of the Spider

We head off northbound, approaching McMullan Summit

looking back at following speeders crossing Runk Rd.

The speeders arrive at Colgate Grove

Picnic tables are loaded onto a work car behind the M-4

Returning southbound at Runk Rd.

heading uphill towards McMullan Summit

The speeders approach Orbisonia Station

At the end of narrow-gauge rail on the Shade Gap branch

At end of track south of Rockhill Furnace


M-7 couples up to the Picnic Train

An EBT RR historic truck, with #15 in the background

EBT's #15 is prepared for a busy day

George Cook's woody on display at the Rockhill yard

A restored truck in EBT RR color scheme

Another view of the EBT RR truck

Train crews receive a briefing before the day's operations

View from the caboose cupola as the picnic train departs

The picnic train has unloaded photographers at the runby location

The picnic train awaits the photographers before returning to Orbisonia Station

The photo freight enters the station as the picnic train arrives

#15 backs around the Rockhill yard wye

Much of the boney pile near the Rockhill yard has been removed

'explosives' signs were tacked onto the wooden boxcar

The stone farmhouse in the Rockhill yard was once the yardmaster's office


#15 and the photo freight at Orbisonia Station

The photo freight pulls out of the station

The photo freight northbound crossing Long Fill

The freight train approaches McMullan Summit

Note the hopper interiors were not repainted

A nice view of the wooden boxcar and flatcar

Caboose #27 departing McMullan Summit

The photo freight southbound on the main line

Photographers pace the freight train as it approaches Orbisonia

Dan confers with the engineer of #15

The photo freight is parked for the day

The M-3 attracts a lot of attention

A crowd gathers to hear Larry Freeman's talk on restoring the M-3 (on Saturday)

M-3's shed contains many original parts on display

Interior of the M-3

Steve Jacobs was the motorman for M-3 today

We back up through the Rockhill Furnace yard

M-3 at the end of the cleared track south of Rockhill Furnace

We're on our way back

Approaching the load/unload point

M-3 awaits another load of passengers

All photos taken Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 6-8, 2006 by James A. Vliet.

All photographs are copyright 2006 by James A. Vliet. All Rights Reserved.