My photos of On3 Modules and rolling stock of the East Broad Top Railroad on display at the Narrow-Gauge Module Meet, Kimberton, PA on May 17-18-19, 2002.
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I would like very much to add credits to the individual modelers whose modules and rolling stock are shown here. Please email me at with your additions and comments.

More information about the 2002 Kimberton PA Narrow-Gauge Module meet

Next year's Narrow-Gauge Module Meet will be held on May 16-17-18, 2003.

Engine house and #1 mine tipple at Robertsdale. Gary Hart built the engine house. The Robertsdale modules were a joint effort by Gary Hart, Kevin Hartman, Steve Cenova and Jeff Hart of Binghamton, NY.

Robertsdale station, post office and company store. #14 pulls a string of hoppers through town towards the mines.

Coaches at Robertsdale, in front of the Company Store. Gary Hart built the station and coaches #3 and #11 shown. Kevin Hartman built the company store.

Close up of #1 Mine Tipple, built by Kevin Hartman.

View of #1 Mine Tipple viewed from the south. In the foreground is #5 Mine Tipple and the water tank, both built by Kevin Hartman.

Bob Beebe built these modules depicting the Rockhill Furnace yards and shop buildings.

A view of the Rockhill Furnace Roundhouse and shop buildings. The structures are either scratch-built or from Whiteground kits.

The Rockhill Furnace shops viewed from the south. All track is hand-laid and all turnouts are handmade.

Rocky Ridge and south portal of Wrays Hill Tunnel.

Looking south from Rocky Ridge towards Robertsdale.

This is Ron Shupard's module depicting the Jacobs Mine tipple on the Rocky Ridge branch.

Caboose #27, scratch-built by Butch Curll.

Steel Boxcar #178, built by Ron Shupard from a FEBT kit.

Combine #15 built by Butch Curll, starting from a Florence & Cripple Creek coach kit.

Side-dump Hopper #802 built by Butch Curll, modified from a Quality Craft two-bay hopper kit.

Butch Curll scratch-built this tourist flat car and converted steel boxcar, here seen with the M-3.

Hallmark M-1 owned by Butch Curll, seen at the Rockhill Furnace yard.

Hallmark #15 owned by Butch Curll.

Butch Curll's Sunset #16 pulls a string of hoppers northbound through Rockhill Furnace.

The public debut of the new B.T.S. prototype model of #12 at Robertsdale.

Another view of the new #12. For more information see B.T.S. website

All photos taken Saturday, May 18th., 2002 by James A. Vliet.

All photographs are copyright 2002 by James A. Vliet. All Rights Reserved.