My photos of On3 Modules and rolling stock of the East Broad Top Railroad on display at the Narrow-Gauge Module Meet, Kimberton, PA on May 16-17-18, 2003.
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I would like very much to add credits to the individual modelers whose modules and rolling stock are shown here. Please email me at with your additions and comments.

More information about the 2003 Kimberton PA Narrow-Gauge Module meet

Next year's Narrow-Gauge Module Meet will be held on May 21-23rd., 2004.

The #5 mine tipple and water tank at Robertsdale, built by Kevin Hartman.

Another view of the #5 mine tipple and water tank.

#1 mine tipple, built by Kevin Hartman. Robertsdale can be seen in the distance.

Engine house at Robertsdale, built by Gary Hart.

Interior of Engine house, showing a Combine being worked on.

Loaded hoppers are eased across the scale at Robertsdale station. Gary Hart built the Robertsdale station.

A busy day at the Robertsdale Company Store, judging by all the delivery trucks! The Company Store was built by Kevin Hartman.

Coaches on the wye at Robertsdale. These coaches were built by Gary Hart.

A view of Robertsdale from the north.

Ron Shupard built this module depicting the Rocky Ridge wye, depot and portal.

A view of the bridges and buildings at Rocky Ridge.

Bob Beebe built the Rockhill Furnace shop buildings and yard.

Another view of the Rockhill Furnace shop buildings.

The Rockhill Furnace shops viewed from the south. Note the famous three-way stub switch at lower left.

A view of the roundhouse at Rockhill Furnace.

A view of Rockhill Furnace from the north.

Orbisonia Station, built from the BTS kit by Dennis McCoy.

Here is a truck dump for loading hoppers from dump trucks, built by Butch Curll.

The early all-wood bridge at McMullan Summit, built by Bob Beebe.

The Aughwick Creek concrete arch bridge, built by Dennis McCoy. Notice the kids swimming in the lazy muddy water and the reflection of the arches in the water.

A 'stock out of the box' Hallmark M-1 at the Three Springs depot. The depot was built by David Bucher. The M-1 belongs to Jim Cassatt. The M-1's roof was painted red in the late 1940's - early 1950's.

Another red-roof M-1 at Rockhill Furnace, this one showing some detailing.

An M-1 in Sn3 seen at a nearby module.

A repainted and detailed Hallmark M-1 seen crossing the Aughwick Creek Bridge. The grey roof was the original color scheme prior to the early 1940's. This M-1 belongs to Kevin Hartman.

Check out the interior detail on Kevin's M-1.

Kevin's M-1 makes it way around the module, passing some freight cars on a siding.

A tourist-era modified boxcar and flatcar, both scratchbuilt by Butch Curll.

Steel flatcar #118, also scratchbuilt by Butch Curll.

Steel Boxcar #167, built by Butch Curll from a Quality Craft kit..

A scratchbuilt #30 scale car.

The Coles Water Tank, scratchbuilt by Butch Curll.

Butch Curll scratchbuilt this Reading X29 boxcar (left) and Jim Vliet modified an Intermountain late-model PRR X29B with narrow-gauge trucks.

A PRR X29B and an EBT wood boxcar #170, both owned by Jim Vliet.

A coupler adapter is used between the X29B boxcar and the EBT hoppers.

A loooong freight is made up consisting of the PRR X29B boxcar, 20 hoppers and a caboose, all pulled by a hard-working #15.

Can the coupler adapters on the X29B take the strain?

So far so good as the long freight enters Rockhill Furnace.

Passing through the Rockhill Furnace yard...

Butch Curll watches carefully as the long freight takes the sweeping bend past Orbisonia.

The long freight makes it halfway around the layout without incident, entering Robertsdale.

The freight passes through Robertsdale, heading for Rocky Ridge. That's Robert Curll (Butch's son) in the red sweatshirt. Robert was operating some of the trains that afternoon.

The X29B boxcar cannot fit through the tunnel portal at Rocky Ridge, so is put aside on a siding.

A variety of HOn3 EBT rolling stock. John Drye of Annandale, Va. owns the #14 engine, its string of hoppers, and the standard-guage boxcar. Butch Curll owns the caboose and other freight cars.

A narrow-gauge Ely-Thomas Lumber Company Shay seen on another modular layout, reminds me of the first Shay I saw, at the Pine Creek RR in NJ.

All photos taken Saturday, May 17th., 2003 by James A. Vliet.

All photographs are copyright 2003 by James A. Vliet. All Rights Reserved.