With all its unique features, the East Broad Top Railroad has lots of appeal as a prototype for modeling. Kits and ready-to-run locomotives, rolling stock and structures are available in many scales, including N, Hon3, Sn3, On3 and G.

This is an (incomplete) list of all the suppliers I know of that offer EBT models:

Bill's Train Shop (B.T.S.) has a wide variety of accurate, detailed East Broad Top models in Sn3 and On3, including steam locos #6 (std. Gauge Mt. Union switcher), #11 and #12, in addition to hoppers and other freight cars, and structures such as the stations at Orbisonia, Saltillo, Three Springs and Coles. Their latest release, loco #12 in On3 is a beaut!

BTS, PO Box 856, Elkins, WV 26241
(304) 637-4510
Website: www.btsrr.com

Friends of the East Broad Top (FEBT) has a number of books and plans available. Note that FEBT members receive a 15% discount.

FEBT Company Store attn: Richard M. Ullery, PO Box 145, Leetsdale PA 15056
Email: FEBTstore@comcast.net

Website: www.febt.org/Costore
Also see FEBT Company Store on eBay

C&BT Car Shops produced an EBT 3-bay hopper kit in Hon3 and On3, as well as Vulcan trucks in Hon3 and On3. Sold out, look for them on eBay or at train shows.

C & B T SHOPS, P.O. Box 647, Ingomar, PA 15127-0647
[note - wholesale only, no direct retail sales]
Fax 412-366-3870

My Hallmark On3 #14, factory painted in tourist-era color scheme

Hallmark produced brass models of EBT locos #14 and #15, and the M-1 gas-electric doodlebug in Hon3 and On3. They also produced #11, #12, #16, #17 and #18 in HOn3 only. Sold out, look for them on eBay or at train shows.

Sunset produced an On3 brass model of EBT locomotive #16. Sold out, look for it on eBay or at train shows.

Gem also produced a brass HOn3 model of EBT loco #16, allegedly not as nice as the Hallmark one.

Flying Zoo produced a brass On3 EBT M-3 motor car. Sold out, look for it on eBay or at train shows.

Hickory Ridge produced an unpowered brass HOn3 M-3 motorcar.

Gloor Craft produced an HOn3 #170 boxcar kit, #340 and an HOn3 wood hopper kit #346

Quality Craft produced an On3 3-bay hopper kit (in wood) #530.

Baltimore Custom Car Shops (at 3418 Woodstock Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21213-1123) used to sell an On3 cast resin kit for an EBT steel underframe #100 flatcar. I'm not sure if these are still available?

White Ground Model Works had a nice lineup of EBT structures in HO, including Rockhill sanding tower, coaling dock, foundry, machine shop, car shop, boiler house, Saltillo water tank, Three Springs Tipple and Mt. Union Timber Transfer. Sold out, look for them on eBay or at train shows.

Webster Classic Models used to make a laser-cut wood kit for the EBT Orbisonia Station.

LGB produced a 2-bay EBT hopper (LGB #4076) in G scale.

Aristocraft produced a G-scale EBT C-16 engine, box car reefer, flat, gondola, and caboose.

Micro-Trains produced an EBT wood boxcar in Nn3, M-T #15107

Bachman produces an EBT #20 'Orbisonia" President's Parlor Car and a #10 Coach in G scale (these are 'generic' narrow-gauge coaches in an EBT color scheme) as well as an EBT 3-bay Hopper and cabin car (caboose). They also produced a wooden hopper which was somewhat similar to the early EBT wooden hoppers. Bachman produces an entire "Golden Classic" EBT train set consisting of a 4-6-0 steam locomotive and tender, plus the two coaches, a loop of track and a transformer.

Information and Plans:

Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette has occasional articles on EBT subjects. Back issues with EBT content are:
Mar/April 1995 - HO/HOn3 Mt. Union Yard
Sept/Oct 1995 - EBT wood coal car #346
July/Aug 1997 - EBT On3 layout
Sept/Oct 1997 - Standard Gauge Cars on Narrow Gauge Rails - HOn3 X29 boxcar conversion
July/Aug 1998 - Drawing of EBT M-1 doodlebug in On3
July/Aug 1999 - Painting of EBT #15 on cover, drawing of steel boxcar #167 in On3
March/April 2000 - Drawing of EBT tankcar in On3
May/June 2000 - Drawing of EBT steel flatcar in On3
Nov/Dec 2000 - Drawing of original Rockhill turntable 1895-1916?
Jan/Feb 2002 - Painting of EBT #15 on cover
Nov/Dec 2002 - Drawing of EBT Caboose #27 in On3

Back issues of Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette ae available from the publisher:
Benchmark Publications, PO Box 26, Los Altos CA 94023
Fax: 650-941-3845
Website: www.NGSLgazette.com

HABS/HAER drawings - scratchbuilders will be delighted with the beautifully-detailed HABS/HAER drawings of the EBT Rockhill roundhouse, turntable and shop buildings. Available for free download at my HABS/HAER drawings webpage

Timber Transfer magazine - The FEBT's Timber Transfer magazine is a rich source of EBT modeling construction articles, plans and prototype data. Subscriptions and back issues are available from FEBT. A list of back issue articles is at Timber Transfer article index

Friends of the East Broad Top -The FEBT Company Store sells many drawing of EBT rolling stock and structures. The list of available drawings is now being updated and will be available soon.

Chris Coleman's EBT website has an extensive list of EBT magazine articles, including prototype and modeling. Chris Coleman's EBT magazine article list

Another list of EBT magazine articles at the Train Magazine Database
Trains Database - EBT articles

Links to photos of EBT models:
EBT On3 modular layout at Kimberton 2002 module meet
Walter Poppe's G scale EBT module with structures and rolling stock
Chris Coleman's EBT garden railroad

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