My photos of Opening Day of the 2002 East Broad Top RR operating season...
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...I arrived about 9:30 AM...

#14 backs off the turntable on Saturday morning.

We wait as #14 builds up a full head of steam.

Combine #15 heads up the train, awaiting the engine's arrival.

Several photographers await #14's arrival at Orbisonia Station.

#14 makes her way through the yard toward the station.

#14 moves forward across the road crossing.

#14 now begins to back up towards the waiting coaches.

#14 lookin' good in the bright morning sun...great polishing job, Lance!

#14 about to couple up to the first train of the day.

...11AM...I rode the first train of the season to Colgate Grove. I sat on a leather chair in the back section of the 'Orbisonia' Presidental Car...upon reaching Colgate Grove, I walked up to the end of the active line...

The end of active track north of Colgate Grove.

Ah, if only I had brought along my chainsaw...

Looking back towards the south, at the north end of the Colgate Grove wye.

Caboose #28 in passenger color scheme.

Looking back at Colgate Grove after our departure.

Passing underneath the McMullan Summit bridge. Recognize the photographer underneath the bridge on the right side?

A look back at the McMullan Summit bridge.

...1:15PM...The second train of the day makes her run...

Here she comes! Saturday's second train passing behind the Mini-Freeze.

...and there she goes!

Saturday's second train returns to the Rockhill Furnace wye.

...about 3PM...

A view of the shop buildings at Rockhill Furnace.

The M-1 sleeps in the Roundhouse today...

The final train of the day loads passengers at Orbisonia Station.

...about 3:30PM...I take a ride on the newly-extended Rockhill Trolley Museum main...

A work crew is busy on the Rockhill Trolley Museum end of line at Black Log Station. Rail is being bent as a switch and short siding is being completed. Work car C-64 is handy. Note blue paint can to temporarily mark the end of active track this day.

Ex-York, PA Brill trolley #163 awaits departure at Black Log Station.

...about 4:30PM...the last train of the day has returned, the coaches have been uncoupled, and it's time to put #14 away for the night...

After uncoupling from the coaches, #14 approaches the ash pit.

#14's firebox is raked out into the ash pit.

A closeup of #14 cooling down at the ash pit.

#14 creeps onto the turntable.

Now balanced on the turntable, #14's crew begins to turn her to her stall.

Oops...a little too far! A pry bar is used to move the turntable back a smidgen to get the track lined up just right.

#14 begins to creep off of the turntable.

...and into her stall for the night.

Meanwhile, the coaches are left out for the night.

...meanwhile...some closeup views of EBT hoppers...

Restored 3-bay hopper #882 parked in the Rockhill Furnace yard.

A closeup of the Vulcan truck beneath hopper #882.

Hopper #882 leads a string of restored hoppers.

Restored hopper #935 showing a little rust beneath the paint.

Closeup of stress cracking on a 3-bay hopper - I'd say perhaps 30 to 40% of all the EBT hoppers I've seen have damage here...

A patch has been welded onto this 3-bay hopper at the location of the stress crack. I'd guess perhaps 10% of all EBT hoppers have a welded patch at this position.

All photos taken Saturday, June 1st., 2002 by James A. Vliet.

All photographs are copyright 2002 by James A. Vliet. All Rights Reserved.