My photos of Opening Day of the 2006 operating season at the East Broad Top Railroad.
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The turntable at the Rockhill Furnace roundhouse has recently been redecked

The new deck is a bit wider than the old one was

Locomotive #15 backs out of the roundhouse

We check on progress on side-dump hopper #802

A new concrete pad and insulation have been added at the paint shop

Combine #14 in the paint shop, awaiting restoration

Four retired EBT employees were honored guests. Left to right: Ted Keith, Charlie Price, Lee Wilson, Merle Steninger

The first train of the season arrives at Colgate Grove

Loco #15 at the Grove

Leaving the Grove riding in Parlor Car #20

Crossing the Blacklog Creek truss bridge

Awaiting another load of passengers at Orbisonia Station

Ceiling details on Parlor Car #20

A plush velvet couch in Parlor Car #20

Leather chairs in Parlor Car #20

Details of vent mechanism in Parlor Car #20

This compressor will be mounted on a flatcar for track work

My contribution to the M-3 restoration project was creating lettering stencils, using the original canvas sides as reference.

The tree growing out of the south pier of Pogue bridge has been cut down

Newly cleared track at Odd Fellows Cemetary Road with access to the coal dock siding switch

Looking south at Odd Fellow Cemetary Rd. grade Saltillo and beyond!

All photos taken Saturday, June 3, 2006 by James A. Vliet.

All photographs are copyright 2006 by James A. Vliet. All Rights Reserved.