The Timber Transfer was a unique stationary overhead track crane, originally used to unload lumber products from the EBT's narrow-gauge cars onto standard-gauge flatcars. After the lumber operations ceased in the 1920's, the Timber Transfer stood unused for a number of years, until the EBT had the idea to use it to transfer loaded standard-gauge freight cars onto narrow-gauge trucks for delivery via EBT trackage. Since the EBT had been built with standard-gauge clearances throughout, it was possible to move standard-gauge freight cars along the EBT in this manner. The use of the Timber Transfer prolonged the usefulness of the EBT, although its use made the EBT's own freight cars unnecessary.

The Timber Transfer structure stood overlooking the idle Mt. Union yard until 1977 when it was dismantled as a safety hazard. All that is now left is the concrete foundations.

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Southwest Tower Leg Foundation

Southwest Diagional Brace Foundation

Northwest Diagional Brace Foundation

"The Lug"

Narrow-Gauge Transfer Truck

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