The Historic American Building Survey (HABS) and Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) has created a number of delightful detailed drawings of the East Broad Top Railroad buildings and manufacturing processes. These drawings are available for free download from the Library of Congress web site. In addition to the drawings, the Library of Congress web site contains numerous photos and other documentation.

To access this web site, go to the National Park Service HABS/HAER Collection website at

To find drawings relating to the East Broad Top RR, click on the search our database link (which takes you to the Library of Congress search page) and enter the search term east broad top and then select match on this exact phrase

These drawings are available as group IV compressed tiff files in two resolutions. The larger files are all 24" by 36", 400 DPI resolution.

For everyone's viewing convenience, I have converted the entire set of 24 drawings to Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, in 11" by 17" (ANSI "B") size. These are reduced to 45% of the (large size) originals.

Note that Adobe Acrobat Viewer provides optional rescaling during printing, thus you can easily print these drawings at 1-to-1 for Hon3, Sn3, On3 etc. modeling projects.

All these drawings are credited to: Historic American Engineering Record, National Park Service, name of delineator, date of drawing (for name of delineator and date of drawing, see the specific sheet)

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EBT RR Overall Map, Mt. Union - Alvan, PA

EBT RR Building & Trackage Map, Rockhill Furnace, PA

EBT RR Rolling Stock Technology & Timber Transfer

EBT RR Machine Shop, Rockhill Furnace, PA
Floor Plan
Cross Section AA
Cross Section BB
Power Shafts
Schematic Plans, Air & Steam Distribution
Transverse Pit Jack
EBT RR Foundry, Rockhill Furnace, PA
Floor Plan
Sections A-A, B-B, C-C
The Molding Process
The Casting Process
EBT RR Blacksmith Shop, Rockhill Furnace, PA
Floor Plan
Cross Sections A-A, B-B
Forging Hammer
Steam Hammer
Boiler Tube Swaging Process
Locomotive Spring Repair & Assembly Process
EBT RR Roundhouse, Rockhill Furnace, PA
Floor Plan
Elevations, North & South; Section
Typical Stall Details
EBT RR Turntable, Rockhill Furnace, PA
Turntable Elevation & Plan Views
Turntable Isometric View